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Top Frustrations We’ve Heard from Golf Pros

Club Unity Phone calls are frustrations

Listening to the frustrations of golf pros has been critical to the development of Club Unity software.

When we started our journey to develop the best online tee time reservation system for member clubs, we surveyed dozens of golf pros and ask them to vent their frustrations about he software they were currently using.

The question was: “What frustrates you about using your current tee sheet software?”

Most of their responses had to do with being on the phone. Here are some that blew us away.

  • “We have online tee time booking so members don’t have to call. But they still call because for them it’s easier than using the website.”
  • “Nothing feels worse than being on the phone with a member while another member is standing in the pro shop not getting service.”
  • “The online booking process is archaic and clunky. A lot of members call when they’re frustrated by it. Those aren’t fun calls.”
  • “Some of our members just refuse book online. So they phone in.”
  • “Whenever there’s a frost delay, the phone rings off the hook. I’m trying to update the tee sheet online, which take about 30 minutes if the phone ISN’T ringing off the hook. Those days suck.”
  • “The younger members don’t have a problem with the tee sheet. But most of our members aren’t ‘younger.’ They’re the ones that call in.”

Then we asked one pro if we could survey her members and ask them about their frustrations software. Here are some of the responses from our survey of 483 members.

  • “It crashes too much.”
  • “You have to have a computer science degree to know how to use it.”
  • “You have to be sitting at a computer. It’s too hard to use on my iPhone.”
  • “It’s garbage.” (This one is not very helpful.)

Of course there are good things to be said about other tee time booking systems as well. There are lots of pros that get along fine with software they feel is “good” or “good enough.” And there are lots of members that range from happy to indifferent when it comes to the software their club asks them to use.

This phone call thing… we saw that as a challenge and we tackled it head-on.

Here’s how:

  1. We made an online booking system with a clean, modern design that is super user friendly, especially on a phone.
  2. We put all the info and features members need right at their fingertips; It’s easy to book, modify, and cancel tee times.
  3. We built an automated wait-list feature so members wouldn’t have to rely on pros to call them “in case something opens up.”

And it’s working.

One Head Pro tells us he’s seen 80% to 90% fewer phone calls. “We get one or two calls where we used to get ten. And members don’t phone for frost delay info now. They just check their email. It’s quicker.”

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