Members Get What They Want & Golf Pros Get What They Need.

Modern design and leading edge features makes Club Unity the tee sheet software members like best.

Club Unity is easy for Golf Pros to use with smart workflows and time-saving automations. Ditch the antiquated legacy software that's holding you back. Reclaim your valuable time and focus on delivering outstanding experiences in the shop and on the golf course for your club's members.


User Friendly Design = Member Friendly Tee Sheet Software

Members breeze through the tee sheet with ease. Booking tee times and creating ballots is simple and quick. Modifying tee times, posting round scores, piece of cake.

Modern, user friendly design means members don't need help from the pro shop. That means less frustration, fewer phone calls, and a better experience for members.

Give Members the Power to do More for Themselves

Club Unity gives members more control over the tee sheet. They can do virtually anything relating to their bookings without calling the pro shop for 'tech support.'

  • Organize bookings on profile page
  • Post scores and manage handicap
  • Move, modify, or cancel tee times
  • Cancellation watch waitlist

Manage the Tee Sheet with Clarity and Ease

Club Unity customers say it's "clean" and "intuitive." Easy to learn and easier to use, even when the day goes off the rails. Get everything you'd expect from a state of the art tee sheet and few extras you won't with our competitors.

  • Squeeze times, shotguns, everything you'd expect
  • Drag and drop golfers around the intuitive interface
  • Adjust the tee sheet and send update emails with a few clicks
  • Member restrictions and permissions that keep control of who plays when

Time Saving Automations

Get your tee sheet to do the time consuming "computer stuff" that no golf pro looks forward to. Club Unity's integrations and smart workflows help golf pros free up their time to focus more on doing "golf pro stuff."

  • Blazing fast ballot draws
  • Integrate with Golf Genius events
  • Automated score posting reminder emails
  • Cancellation watch automatically manages waitlist

Easy Breezy Everyday Workflows

Build complex user restrictions in minutes. Create a whole season worth of tee sheets before you break for lunch. Just a few ways Club Unity makes setting up and operating a busy golf club easy, even for the most complex facilities.

  • 9, 18, 27, 36 holes or more, no problem
  • Detailed rounds and utilizations reports
  • Up-to-the-minute backshop management

If It Can Be Booked, It Can Be Booked with Club Unity

Golf simulators, lessons, clinics, tennis courts, yoga classes, or swim lanes... Club Unity does it all.

Members can book and manage everything in one place. Staff can set their schedules and manage their work from the same intuitive interface.

  • 1-to-1 booking for private lessons
  • Back-to-Back bookings for simulator sessions
  • Group bookings for golf clinics and yoga classes