Club Unity Customers Say The Nicest Things

Club Unity strives to deliver outstanding value for our clients and an exceptional software experience for their members.

We appreciate the support and kind words of the Head Pros and General Managers that choose Club Unity as the online gateway for their members.


“From a service standpoint, the Club Unity team are readily available and the product is constantly improving.”

Emerson Mahoney Head Golf Professional - Hamilton G&CC

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“I can’t say enough good things regarding our experience with Club Unity.

"We reached our breaking point with a different system and made the change to Club Unity tee sheet in season. This required transferring our entire member database along with login credentials, tying Club Unity into our website, building all tee time templates, establishing golf restrictions and ensuring members understood how to use the new platform. We were initially concerned about our members ability to learn a new system. It couldn’t have went smoother.

"The team at Club Unity had all the back-end requirements in place within 48 hours and had a video library to provide our members step by step tutorials for everything they needed to know.

"On the back end the change is a no brainer. Building tee sheet templates went from days to minutes, dealing with tech issues went from a daily occurrence to nonexistent and support was always there when needed.”

Rich Morel General Manager - Carrying Place G&CC


"Our members have found Club Unity extremely easy to use and love the added features of posting their scores and cancellation watch. Ballots, member group booking, and advanced bookings are all taken care of by Club Unity’s software, and easy to use from an administration stand point. The cloud-based software has allowed our team to access the tee sheet from anywhere, improving our service levels.

"Club Unity helped us increase our tee sheet efficiency, provide an easy-to-use software for our members, and reconcile information. Having previously used many different tee sheet software’s, Club Unity is the top performer without a doubt."

Sam Kirkness Head Golf Professional - Inglewood G&CC


"We wanted to make the member experience better in regards to the tee sheet. We couldn’t be happier with the move. The ease of use the best we have had for both members and staff. Members can view upcoming tee times, make changes or cancel times themselves on any device which is super convenient. The integrations are huge!

"Where we really saw the difference was the back end. The simplicity of making tee sheets, modifying existing sheets, notifications makes is so user friendly. Balloting is now done in minutes instead of hours. We are out of the city so when we lose power we used to lose the tee sheet. Now, being cloud-based, members and staff still have access to the tee sheet even if we lose internet which is massive for a golf club.

"The customer support is above and beyond. Absolute pleasure to deal with and look forward to continuing our partnership down the road."

Alex Bunner Head Golf Professional - Belvedere G&CC

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“Club Unity balloting system is BY FAR the best system on the market today. What usually took 3-4 hours for a weekend ballot lottery, now only takes 5-10 minutes!”

Chris Paskin Head Golf Professional - Valley Ridge GC

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“Members book tee times with greater ease and fewer calls to the pro shop allowing staff to service the members and guests at the club.

Member feedback has been extremely positive since making the switch to Club Unity.”

Scott Page Head Golf Professional - Carrying Place G&CC