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Increase Member Satisfaction Instantly with a Software Upgrade

Club Unity increase member satisfaction

There’s something strange about private clubs and the software they use to manage members and tee times.

Let’s paint the picture.

Private club members use state of the art technology and applications in their everyday lives. The member that bought a new car has an upgraded onboard entertainment system compared to their old ride.

Members use Open Table to book a restaurant when they dine out. They might use Uber to get to and from.

Maybe they trade stocks or manage their portfolio on apps like Questrade or the one from their preferred bank.

They watch movies on Netflix or Disney+.

The apps that your members use in their daily lives are updated and upgraded several times each month.

When is the last time the members got an upgrade from their tee sheet software? After all, they use the tee sheet several times per week throughout the golf season.

And an upgrade for the members is an upgrade for the pros!

Here are just a few key features that you members could be enjoying with an upgrade to Club Unity.

Cancellation Watch

The Cancellation Watch helps members get a last minute-tee time when another member cancels. They indicate a timeframe when they’d like to tee off. If somebody cancels, the Club Unity tee sheet automatically sends them a text message and an email with a link to book the available time.

*Pros win! No more calling members and manually managing a waitlist.

Designed for Mobile Devices

Most private club members access the tee sheet and make bookings from their phones. If they can. Older software doesn’t work as well on a smaller screen. And if it’s too frustrating to use on a phone, the member is holding they very thing they’ll use to call the pro shop. (How convenient!)

The Club Unity tee sheet is clean, modern, and user friendly no matter what device the member is booking from.

*Pros win! No more phone calls from frustrated members.

Fewer Reasons to Phone

Answering the call and helping a member is great customer service. The only thing better is enabling the member to not have to place the call. Club Unity makes it easier for members to book, modify, and cancel a tee time… to name a just a few.

*Pros win! Fewer phone calls. Happier members.

Book a walkthrough of the Club Unity tee sheet today and see how it will serve as an upgrade for your members.

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