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CASE STUDY: Time-Saving Integration with Golf Genius

Club Unity CASE STUDY- Time-Saving Integration with Golf Genius

One big question when considering new tee sheet software is, “How will new software save me time?”

Next question is, “How much time will it save?”

If running a more efficient pro shop is the goal, then implementing software that repurposes or reduces human resource inputs (like a an assistant golf pro manually entering names from one piece of software into another) is the name of the game.

For golf pros looking to save time and get their assistants doing more valuable work, like helping members shopping in the pro shop, here are two examples of how Club Unity works with the popular tournament management platform Golf Genius to reduce work and save time in a busy pro shop.

Pushing golfers from the Club Unity tee sheet to a Golf Genius event.

Pulling golfers from a Golf Genius event to the Club Unity tee sheet.

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