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How To Improve Customer Service by Not Answering the Phone

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There’s cost to answering the phone in the pro shop.

When a staff member is speaking to a member on the phone, that staff member is being paid to speak on the phone.

And speaking on the phone is a low value activity.

That’s why business are putting strategies in place and finding tools to reduce the number of phone calls they receive and reduce the amount of time workers spend on the phone with customers.

Savvy Head Pros and Pro Shop Managers at golf clubs are wise to explore the same goal.

When golf clubs work to reduce the number of phone calls, both the club AND the members win!

Fewer phone calls is better for the club

Did you know that some airlines charge $5 more to book a ticket over the phone than they do online? They’re making the customer pay the wage of the operator that takes the call. Evidence that it costs money for the company to answer the phone.

Have you noticed that some restaurants have stopped taking reservations over the phone? Some don’t even answer the phone!

Businesses big and small (like airlines and restaurants) have invested lots of time and money in online booking software and they want their customers to use it.

Golf clubs spend a lot of money on reservation software too! They spend a lot to get it and they end up spending more to use it.

When pro answers the phone to help a member book a tee time, the club is paying the pro to talk on the phone AND to use the software.

What would you rather have pro shop staff doing?

  • Teaching a lesson?
  • Arranging a club fitting?
  • Planning and organizing an event?
  • Selling clubs or clothing to members in the shop?

Fewer phone calls means more time for pro shop staff to do high value activities.

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Fewer phone calls is better for members

Most members would prefer not to call the pro shop. There are the few that like to talk to somebody. But those are not the majority and they are not a growing number.

Members love convenience. They like the world at their fingertips. They prefer using self-serve tools rather than needing help from an operator.

People love Uber because they don’t have to call the taxi company, be put on hold, then speak to a rushed dispatcher.

People love DoorDash and Skip the Dishes because they don’t have to call the restaurant, wait to get an answer, be put on hold, and go through the hurried process of placing an order.

Apps like Uber and DoorDash are faster and more pleasant.

That’s what customers want. That’s what members want too.

Conclusion – How to get fewer phone calls

Reducing the number of phone calls to the pro shop comes down to the software the club uses.

Just like the airline and restaurant examples above, those businesses use online reservation software to offer better service for customers. And the software companies that serve the airlines and restaurants are constantly improving the software so it’s more convenient for customers to use.

The questions to ask is “Are members calling the pro shop instead of using the software?”

If they are, the software needs improvement or replacement.

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