Let us fix you a drink

We're pleased to present a small collection of some of our favourite cocktails to shake and sip while you whip up your favourite recipes from the CMAC Club Cookbook – National Edition.

It was our pleasure to support this delicious initiative.

If you find that your club management or tee time reservation software isn't a pleasure – or that you need a stiff drink at the end of the day because of it – we should talk.

We're Club Unity and we believe your club software experience should be like the drinks listed here; smooth and easy.

The Paper Plane


1 part Bourbon

1 part Amaro

1 part Aperol

1 part fresh lemon juice


Put all that delicious Bourbon, Amaro, Aperol, and lemon juice in a cocktail shaker. Fill with it with ice and shake it like you've just hit some wicked turbulence at 30,000 ft.

Strain into a coupe and drink it with your pinky out.

The Clover Club


2 oz Gin

1/2 oz lemon juice, freshly squeezed

1/2 oz raspberry syrup (or just muddle 5 or 6 raspberries)

1 egg white



Add all the ingredients to a shaker without ice. Shake it like you mean it for about 30 second to get that egg white good and frothy.

Add some ice to the shaker and shake again to give everything a nice chill.

Pour the Clover Club into a cocktail glass and garnish the foamy top with three speared raspberries.

Gordon's Breakfast


2 oz Gin

3/4 oz Simple Syrup

4 dashes Hot Sauce

2 dashes Worcestershire Sauce

6 wedges Lime

3 slices Cucumber


Start by slicing a lime into sections and dropping them into a glass for muddling. Add 3/4 oz of simple syrup, 3 slices of cucumber, 4 dashes of hot sauce, and 2 dashes of Worcestershire sauce.

Muddle these together until you get a good feeling about your muddling skills.

Add the 2 oz of gin and lots of ice.

Shake it all together for about 5 seconds then pour everything into a chilled double old fashioned glass and garnish with salt and pepper.

The Winner's Circle


1 oz Bourbon

3/4 oz ginger syrup

3/4 oz Elderflower tonic

3/4 oz Pamplemousse pink grapefruit liquor.


Chuck that bourbon, ginger syrup, and Pamplemousse liquor into a shaker with some ice and get your shake on.

Now strain that delicious mixture into a glass with fresh ice and top off with Elderflower tonic.

Sip it like the champion you are. (Warning: Goes down particularly easy.)

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