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4 – Point Plan to Cut Down No Shows and Stop Losing Money (Without Having to do Extra Work)

When golfers book times and don’t show up, money doesn’t make it to your bottom line.
And those green fees add up.

In this 20-Minute Info Session you will see:

  • case study of a golf course and their No Show problem
  • The surprising culprit that’s costing your golf club big time
  • Tools you can put in place today to stop the bleeding and get money in the till
  • A 4-point action plan that automatically fights back against no shows without you having to do extra work

About the Presenter:

Roger Kingkade is the Managing Director of Club Unity. He has interviewed dozens of golf professionals, using their feedback to develop the most innovative, most user friendly, most problem solving tee sheet and booking software in the golf industry.

Roger was also the co-founder and technical lead for the Club Innovation Conference and co-host of The Engaged Club Podcast.

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